Fancy-Schmancy Franks

June 16, 2009


I love big parties. I love big parties in the summer when everyone comes to grill out. I love that almost anyone will justify indulging in a burger or a dog at these completely perfect summer parties. Most of all, I love hosting these parties.
But then there are leftovers.
Multitudinous, abundant leftovers–endless heaps of pasta salads, baked beans, chips and dips. A black hole filled with party food takes the place of my once tidy refrigerator. Mixed with the anticipation of every gathering I host is an equal portion of anxiety, a foreboding that the food I prepare will be my sustenance for weeks to follow. This conundrum of mixed emotion is birthed out of a reasonable (or perhaps ridiculous?) notion that there just might not be enough food to go around. And nothing could be worse than a guest going hungry at a summer party!
So where does this leave me? This dilemma almost always leaves me standing dumbfounded before my refrigerator questioning what in the world I should do with all the uneaten party fare.

After our most recent party, Aaron and I first polished off the remnants of hummus and corn chips and spring pea and pasta salad, followed by as much as we could of the ubiquitous baked beans. But nearly two weeks post party we found ourselves no longer able to ignore the “elephant in the room”, or rather, the refrigerator. Something had to be done about the hotdogs.
And much to my surprise, we had just the right ingredients on hand to turn these humble dogs into a decent dinner. A little avocado, sriracha, gouda, and black bean veggie burger are to be given all the glory.
We cranked up the broiler because we couldn’t be bothered with coals and grills for a few measly hotdogs. But this inspired act put in mind to toast our buns with a spritz of olive oil and sprinkle of garlic salt and cayenne. Once the buns were nice and toasty, we put down a layer of thinly shaved aged gouda, a crumble of grilled black bean veggie burger, and a few precious slices of creamy avocado. Once the franks were finished, sriracha seemed the natural choice, along with a bit of yellow mustard.
My friends, the party dogs could not have gone out in more noble form. Beyond satisfactory, beyond delicious. I won’t lie to you, the fact that we had finally reached the end of our party surplus might have ever-so-slightly enhanced the experience. But perhaps this testimony of diligence and endurance in the department of leftovers will give you a little hope and inspiration for your summer party overstock.

(In spite of all dread, let me assure you that I will continue to throw great summer parties. I encourage you to do the same, and together we can stare into the bottomless recesses of our leftover-laden fridges and wonder, “What do I do with all these hotdogs?”)


2 Responses to “Fancy-Schmancy Franks”

  1. Sarah said


    You are an amazing writer. Really. This is really good.

    I write too. And I’ve read a lot of people’s work- since the internet gives everyone a platform now to be an aspiring author- and your blog about hot dogs is one of the best things I’ve read in the past few months. By far.

    You need to use this gift more! (And to write about more than just food…) ;-)

    • fraichefoods said

      Thank you SO much! That is so encouraging to hear! I needed that! You have a blog as well, or a page of some sort? What is the link?
      Good to hear from you!

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