On Discipline

July 30, 2010

The habit of writing.
Here’s the deal, folks: I don’t have many intended habits.
Doesn’t it just kill you to admit something like that? It kills me.
Sure, I have plenty “snag a cookie”, “do the dishes”, “brush my teeth” habits, but not many of the good-uns. You know…the goal oriented ones? The ones you start because you are jazzed up about an ambition, a dream, a plan you intend to achieve…and then keep working towards even after the luster has been lost.
Those are the toughies.
My dream habit would be writing daily with the intentions of doing something cool and profitable (read: money).
So, here I am, dipping my toe into the waters of discipline, with the hopes that, due to this harrowing thing called a habit, someday something greater will be accomplished.

Hi, my name is Rachel. I am a chronic starter of things I decide I don’t want to finish.
Saying a statement of this nature is like looking at yourself in a mirror. Naked. After a long, cold winter.
But the deed has been done, and now perhaps I’ll have some accountability to keep me company in the month to come.

Ok, then, what’s the plan? What’s different now?
Well, not a whole lot is different, other than a keener (is this a word?) awareness of my lack of routine and regimen. An the notion that establishing a new routine grows increasingly more difficult with every passing year (I just birthday-ed a month ago).
But, as far as a plan: my plan is indeed different. Previously, I would write when ever I fancied…which was infrequent. And this, of course, does nothing to foster a healthy and vibrant daily habit.
Bu the new strategy goes something like this: I will write here everyday of the month of August, excluding Sundays and Mondays.
Why Sundays and Mondays?
Because those are the days I will recover from my intensive exercise, which is sure to feel a lot like overextending in the beginning. These will be the days where I will perform nary a productive thing.
So, its a deal.
I commit no more than one half hour of my time. Unless inspired otherwise.
I hope to see you tomorrow.
Wish me luck!


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