Sleeping In, Smoking, & Dangerous Ideas

August 4, 2010

The day-before-yesterday was one of those lovely days where neither Aaron nor myself had to work. I love these days. They are precious. And increasingly rare. So, in order to take full advantage of the day, we slept in to the pitter patter of rain. That extra time in bed must have brought our geniuses to the fore, because when we finally woke, we immediately cranked up the smoker, and got some ribs smoking for dinner. While the meat smoked, I proceeded to putz around the kitchen. I took my time making a late lunch, a huge batch of granola, charring some red peppers for later use, and throwing together a dark chocolate/espresso mousse. Oh. So. Delicious.
In between all these little activities, Aaron and I managed to get in a walk, catch up on our Top Chef, season 7 episodes, AND weed the garden. Aaron even squeezed in a phone call to his college roomate. Are you amazed? I certainly am. If you’re not amazed, at least be amused. Because I don’t get much more productive than that…and on a day off, to boot!
Oh! Oh! Oh, I also wrote the paper I posted yesterday.
Yeah. I am feeling slightly extraordinary.
All this relaxing and reveling (and Aaron’s phone call to his old roommate) led me to a very thoughtful and pensive mood where I began to think back on friendships from my youth (I suppose because youth was in general a relaxing time…or maybe I am just being nostalgic…), and an idea began to form. I though, what if I could get in touch with a bunch of friends from my past and really rekindle the relationships we once shared, and better yet, maintain them into the future.
Ideas can be dangerous. Especially when you act on them.
(Ahem, ideas like writing on a blog everyday…dangerous!)
But act on the idea, I did. I wrote the following email to a group of friends that I, plain and simple, love and miss:

Hey All
So, I have been doing some reading about cultures who live the longest AND healthiest lives, and a consistent thing I have come across is that it takes much more than diet and exercise to have a full life.
(If you’re getting bored, hang with me.)
One major factor in each culture was the fact that these people had a group a friends with whom they had continual contact who had similar beliefs and outlooks on life.
Beyond all this nonsense about longevity, health, and fullness of life, I love each and every one of you and miss having you around in my daily life. I miss the community we shared; I miss our friendship.
I have picked out each of you, because you have known me for a long time and know a much simpler version of me than I am today. You know the person I am at my core, when I am not really trying to impress anyone.
So what is the point of this email, you may ask? Well, I have been realizing how horrible I am personally at keeping in touch with old friends, but have been really missing the connections we used to share. I would like to make a concerted effort to reconnect with each of you in whatever way is easiest or best for you. Though we all live in different places across the U.S., and possibly the world, I would like to make a point of talking on the phone, chatting on facebook, skyping, emailing, or writing letters on a regular basis to keep up with you all.
Now, to be realistic, this is a pretty long list of names, and I would understand if some of you weren’t willing/able to sign up for something of this nature. My goal in doing this would be to catch up with one of you a week…because I don’t know if I could commit to more than that! The last thing I want this to be is a chore.
You should know: If you should choose to communicate with me through phone conversations, I am an incredibly awkward phone talker. I interrupt. A lot. And interruptions tend to be followed by long and awkward silences.
But, I need to work on my phone conversations too, so feel free to give me a ring
Let me know if you’re interested.

I hope something crazy–like life-long friendship–comes out of it. Because dangerous ideas are usually crazy. I like crazy.


One Response to “Sleeping In, Smoking, & Dangerous Ideas”

  1. Kathy said

    Awww Rachel – I love you
    You are so sweet and I am very blessed to be part of your life!!

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