August 11, 2010

These past few months have been the sort that has caused me to sit back and wonder if I shouldn’t give into them–shouldn’t truly believe them–because it must be too good to be true. No one should actually get away with being this happy for this long, I muse. Surely I should brace myself for the bad news…it must be on its way.

And maybe I should brace myself, because the odds are life will grow more rough and difficult. However, I can’t predict if or when that may happen, so I think I will just revel in my happiness a little longer, give it all my attention.  I’ll deal with the darkness and storms when they come, but not before then.

Thanks to the fact that I am feeling extraordinarily blessed, I will send some of my joys your way. This little recipe I am about to share I found at  the Sprouted Kitchen, where I find many great recipes. It has been my favorite dessert for quite a few months now, though I have tried much more indulgent and refined ones since.  This one satisfies the belly and the soul every time. I hope you too enjoy it!

Honey Poached Pears With Cinnamon Cream

adapted from the Sprouted Kitchen

In this recipe, I have replaced her suggestion of brown sugar with molasses. I recommend you do the same, but if you don’t have molasses on hand, feel free to revert to the original brown sugar.

Also, this recipe is best made in a cast iron pan or another very heavy- bottomed skillet so the caramel sauce does not burn.

3 Firm Bosc Pears, halved and seeded

3-4 T Butter

1/2 C Honey

1 tsp Vanilla

2 T Molasses (or 2 T brown sugar)

1/2 C Fresh Thyme Sprigs (a good handful)

8 oz Whipping Cream

1 tsp Cinnamon (vietnamese, preferably, if you can find it)

3/4 C Honey Greek Yogurt, full fat

Preheat oven to 450 F.

Begin by halving the pears and scooping out the seeds with a mellon baller, or carving them out with your knife. Do not peel the pears. Then place your heaviest 9-10 inch skillet, over medium to medium-high heat, add the butter, honey, molasses, vanilla. Stir until all ingredients are melted together, then add the thyme sprigs. Add all the pears, cut side down and cook for 2 minutes. If your caramel sauce in the pan begins to boil or splatter, your heat is too high, turn it down.  Once you have cooked the pears for two minutes, turn them over gently (you don’t want to splash yourself), and put the pan into the oven on the middle rack. Cook in the oven for another 12-15 minutes, depending on your pears’ firmness. I liked my pears fork tender– they still hold their shape, but can be easily eaten with just a fork or spoon.

While the pears are cooking in the oven, begin whipping your cream either on a stand mixer or a hand mixer until soft peaks form. Then add your cinnamon and mix just until the cinnamon is well incorporated. Then, gently fold in your greek yogurt, be careful to not deflate the whipped cream. (Oh yum, I could eat this by itself!)

To serve, place 1 to 2 pear halves on a plate, drizzle some caramel over the pears, then top with a dollop or two of cinnamon cream.


4 Responses to “Reveling”

  1. Sara said

    looks great! I like your change in ingredients, I have to try it with molasses.

    • Rachel Ward said

      Thank you for posting the recipe for me to see, as I said in my post, it has been a staple for me, as far as desserts go!
      I love your site, keep the inspiration coming!

  2. Brenda Ward said


    You are blessed by the Lord, and the good thing is, you know He has blessed you, so you don’t take it for granted. Good for you…most people are clueless when times are good. The Lord has a storehouse of blessing for us, we need only to ask, and like a loving parent He willingly gives.

    When the hard times come…He promises to be with us. Yet, He always works out those times for good, Praise Him! So, it’s always good, right?

    • Rachel Ward said

      How true! I am so thankful for his blessings, and because he is with us when times get rough, we never need to despair. Thank God!

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