Farmer’s Market Finds

August 14, 2010

Here are a couple of my Farmer’s Market finds today:

Look at these little gems. What do they look like to you?

Yes, you’re right. They are related to tomatillos, only they are much smaller, like little marbles. And so tart and sweet and firm.  The woman at the farmer’s market told me they are “ground cherries”. She popped one out of its husk and into my hand, and I promptly popped it into my mouth. That’s how she sells so many of them, you see. She lets you try them and then you can’t help but take a pint home.

I love them, they are going to be my snack today.

Along with my ground cherries, I think I will pop some of this popcorn. Aaron isn’t so much a fan of popcorn. He says it gets stuck in his teeth, but that doesn’t stop me. And look how lovely these little red kernels are.  The vendor explained to me that the red kerneled corn has a nuttier flavor, though it pops smaller. Of course, he had me at “nuttier”.

I think I will toss it in sumac and sea salt once its popped and maybe snack on it while reading on this overcast Saturday.

I am so grateful for a Farmer’s Market with so many knowledgeable vendors with interesting ingredients. They expand my horizons.

Hope you all have a great weekend, see you here next week!


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