The Daily Grind

August 7, 2010

Today is one of those days where I kinda wish I hadn’t said I would write everyday this month. It just sounds like a bad idea right about now for a multitude of reasons: I am spending time with my adorable nephew, its a beautifully sunshiny day outside, and there are a host of marvelous things to draw my attention on the internet. (A host, I tells ya!)

But, as promised, here I am for at least one half hour. Let the “discipline” begin.

The past 24 hours have been a lot of fun.  Being out of culinary school for a few weeks affords me plenty of time to do things at my own pace. For instance, last night, after awaking from my afternoon siesta (dreamy), I picked some mixed greens from my garden, tossed together a quick salad dressing, scrambled some eggs in my fire engine red cast iron skillet, toasted some sourdough, sliced some brie, and threw on some harissa and had a very fine dinner for one.  Something I wouldn’t have mustered up the energy or time to do on a weekday while in school.

Another shining example of my currently self-indulgent lifestyle (Mother’s of young children, don’t hate me.): Both yesterday and today I slept in until the sunshine was coming right through my east bedroom window and into my eyes….and then I slept a little more. Upon waking, imagine some time during the 9 o’ clock hour, I have spent my mornings leisurely with Aaron before he heads off to work and meetings. We’ve started each morning with a walk and quality conversation (which most often sounds like me talking incessantly while Aaron listens quietly without judgement…yes, I am that lucky…and obnoxious). Then we’ve moved on to a late breakfast, better described as “lunch”.  Yesterday’s may or may not have involved smoked pork ribs. Today’s was a little more kosher with plain yogurt, mango and kiwi, topped with granola. I’m still licking my lips. From the ribs. Not the yogurt.

The yogurt was fine and all, but…oh, never mind.

Anyway, once Aaron left for work, I was fortunate enough to receive a call from my sister, saying she was in town and that she wanted to hang out! Oh glory, the little social butterfly  within me rejoiced, I would not have to spend another day alone. (Rumor has it, I will someday chastise myself for so carelessly throwing away personal quiet time…that day has not yet come.) My lifesaver of a sister picked me up and whisked me away to the paradise of Ankeny (ha!) so I could spend some time with her and our sweet nephew. So, so sweet. He calls me “Ree”.  Actually, he calls me “REEEEEEE!!!”, squealed in his high-pitched toddler’s voice. I’m not quite certain how “Rachel” has been interpreted as “Ree”, and frankly I don’t care, I am just pleased he has a consistent and recognizable name for me, which he shrieks as he runs towards me with chubby cheeks a-bouncing. It makes me feel special and important. True.

Now can you see why this whole writing commitment thing has become a chore? Yes, cute nephews, and lazy mornings, followed by afternoon siestas, and then quiet dinners can do that to a girl. Who knew?


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